If your crush calls you ugly, sneak to her house at night then use the Pokemon move headbutt, make sure to hide the body πŸ™‚.

Just kidding don't do this, here is the original paragraph.

that moment when you turn around in class to see your teachers butt in your face

what a grate way to go about your day. that is everyday for me there is no "oh tomorrow it wont happen" BUT THEN IT HAPPENS. how would you teachers feel if we students did that too you you would most likely get all butt hurt about it and kick us out your class you think just because you guys have this little ass job you own the whole world. but in reality you get payed 5 dollars an hour and are scared to stand up to your boss. and another think when you say "put your phone away or lill take it" first off you didn't pay for this phone so i dare you touch my phone you will be catching these hands. it's my phone as in don't TOUCH it as in it's MINE as in touch it and DIE. don't get me started on the test you guys give us ever two weeks. and know i don't mean you you teach us it for a whole week know you teach us it for like a day and half and then make us do homework on it. then get mad when we still don't understand (mrs.capps) whats we are even learning. then you give us the reviews for the test like the day before the test knowing good and well we have other stuff too do and knowing we won't jam all that "stuff we will use in life" so you say on one night.

That awakward moment when your crash calls you ugly

we all had that one crash in are life where we knew they would never go for you but in the back of you stupid mined you think they would go for you. back in my day you would get your best friend too tell your crash you like them and would always tell your friend to NEVER TELL THEM THAT IT WAS YOU THAT LIKES THEM or you would kill them in there sleep. or you would write on a pice of paper that you like them and put check box's on them it would say something like "do you like me please check yes,no,maybe or ill think about it or you are too ugly for me too date you look like shrek's ass. or they don't even check the box and they just come up too you and call you ugly and you would say something like "oh i never liked you anyway." *when you try your best but you don't succeed*.